About Droneboys

With more that 4 years experience and one of the first licences issued in Norway plus a commercial instructors rating with more than 1400 hours teaching people how to fly microlights, combine this with planning qgis, pix4d ,dronedeploy and Dji you get one of the best platforms for taking orthomosaic and Obliqeu image capture for your next project.

OrthomosaicWe are Drone Pilots

We are professional drone pilots that conduct surveys and inspection plus photos of property construction and real estate development

Orgnr 921498152
DRONE Licence
We have R03 Licence plus full insurance for opperations
Dji Inspire 2 with Zenmuse x5s plus a variety of lenses
Dji Inspire 2 have range of 7km
Dji Inspire 2 have a maximum speed of 98km/hour

Our Experience

We have more then 250 hours logged on drones and 1400 hours logged as Instructor, we had projects in Norway, South Africa,Namibia,Botswana,Zambia,Zimbabwe and Mozambiqeu
Our Clients
Our happy clients includes team exact, Atc,Nomad, Okavango river Lodge,Snowy Trading.
Projects done
Lillestrøm Varemesse, Upcoming projects are in Horton and Oslo University, projects done In Namibia is Okavango river lodge and Victoria falls.
Fly time with Tarrot 650 pro, Nighthawk Dji Inspire 2, Phantom 2 and phantom 3 are 250 hours in Australia, Norway and South Afrika longest distance is 1558m and highest point is 1697 m above sea level top speed is 81 km/hour
Orthomosaic and obliqeu images
We provide orthomosaic nadir and obliqeu images for the purpose of measuring a peace or section of land. Photo taken of House for sale, Hotels and construction sites

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