General Information

For many, drones are an exciting toy, but for us this is a high-tech tool for producing high quality images and movies from every imaginable angle. Droneboys has made significant investments not only in drones, but also in various cameras and lenses adapted to our various missions.

We have chosen to stay at a low price level, which makes drone filming possible for anyone who needs and wants our services. We have a very simple pricing philosophy – a low price for all more or less commercial players and an even lower price for sports teams and voluntary organizations.
If you work on film or TV and are looking for highly experienced professionals, we can help you make movies.
The ability to see the earth from the air is a prerequisite for many types of construction/survaying applications. We offer orthomosaic,obliqeu and Nadir images
Want to Film a soccer game or improve your teams performance, you can use a drone to analyse the performance of your team
We take pictures of real estate, hotels, homes and many different property types. We also use a drone for landscape photography
Do you have a big event that needs coverage? We can do that with one of our platforms that we use to shoot events
Our drone industry services provide you with a skilled UAV pilot that will provide drone photography and short videos
Kanskje ditt arrangement inkluderer vannaktiviteter som du vil ha innspilt, i stedet for ustabile bilder eller video som tas fra en båt.
Do you have a tourism establishment that needs a commercial or coverage? we have the solution for you

Orthomosaic, obliqeu and nadir images for Land survey, 3d models or construction

Land surveying of large areas made simple and cost effective

Property Photos, 3 d images of properties, roof inspection and real estate development for flats and commercial buildings

Real Estate promotion made easy!

Road Contractors and Builders, Estate Agents and the Municipality

Are you part of a Municipality technical department and need a easy and painless solution for you project? We can help

We us a Dji Inspire 2 with
Zenmuse x5s Camera

VI kan fly 7km fra base station med denne drone
Road Inspections and building
Inspection and planning of roads, snow removing and volume calculations of a site that needs to be excavated.
Real estate agents specializes in real estate photography with drones and we will be able to provide you with high quality photos and video.
Surveying of plots pieces of land, property, new building sites and railways
Volunteer Programs
In Norway, there are many voluntary organizations working to ensure that children and young people have a meaningful and safe everyday life in their local environment.

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